Start... funding programs from scratch that work and raise money

Retool... funding programs for success that are already in place

Launch... new campaigns that are completed on time and over goal

Revitalize... stalled campaigns that are about to fail


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Who Has Major Gifts Ramp-Up Been Designed For?

  • Mega... the $100 Million dollar shop
  • Large... the multi-million dollar shop with multiple field representatives
  • Medium... the million dollar shop with some development staff
  • Small... the small nonprofit with no development staff
  • Not Yet... the person or group who hasn't yet secured their 501(c)3
  • All... any person, group, or organization that relies on philanthropy

How Is Major Gifts Ramp-Up Different?

  • Philosophy... based on donors being your nonprofit's primary client
  • Reorder... traditional fundraising exercises are implemented differently
  • Method... specific tasks supercharge short & long-term revenues
  • Delivery... model is implemented in a way that defies industry convention
  • Technology... uses 21st century communication and data-mining infrastructure
  • Scalable... same method, tasks, and execution scaled to meet your needs
  • Comprehensive... integrates all income models using organizational development
  • Cost... use external fundraising counsel at 1/10th of the cost
  • Designers... proven by veterans who've started nonprofits from scratch